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petition to remove drop limit
whoever agrees that the drop limit should be removed please sign your tf2 names here
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i agree!!! sashka99
I agree, remove the drop!
i agree karterkane, i approve
yes i agree
Eddy 2013年1月16日 20時07分 
I agree that it should be removed FOR PAYING CUSTOMERS.

F2P players can ♥♥♥♥ right off, I've paid almost 500 euros on this game alone since 2007 and I don't care much for freeloaders and idiot 12 year olds that yell in their mics.
I definitely agree to have the limit removed or at least extended because 10 hours a week is not enough for me. Valve should double the amount. And lol @ freeloaders and idiot 12 year olds.
AWOOGA 2013年1月16日 20時27分 
HELL. NO. You want keys to cost 100 refined???
smash 2013年1月16日 20時49分 
Nope, Keys would probably go up to 10 refined each and do you really think a silly petition will make a difference? This idea has been suggested since the beginning of item drops.
最近の変更はsmashが行いました; 2013年1月16日 20時50分
Sure, let's remove item drops, encouraging players to idle even more, and effectively kill the economy by simply having 10 idle accounts on for a week(s)! MAKES TOTAL SENSE TO ME
i agree there are just going to be more people idling
Yeager 2013年1月16日 21時56分 
not remove the limit, but make drops drop a little bit more often. just my opinion... :/
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1-15 / 886 のコメントを表示
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