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"[PSA] How to fix items drops - Stop only getting 0-3 drops a week"
So a while ago people on SPUF had the same problem with item drops many people here seem to be expiriencing.

Here's how they solved it:
Originally posted by Koolaidman64:
Moderator edit: It's unlikely that the information in this post affects one's drop rate and could actually have potential negative consequences in the future. Proceed carefully. Read dev posts in the thread for more info.

Im sick of seeing thread whining about people not getting drops day in day out. And guess what there's a very simple solution to fix the problem Witch works at least 90% of the time. The reason your only getting 0-3 items a week is because your Item schema update is queued.

Step 1 - Load up TF2 and open the console. If you see the line

"Fetched ##### bytes items schema version ###### via HTTP, Update is queued"

You in luck, This your problem. If not then I cant help you.

Step 2 - Go here[] This site is auto updated with the latest item schema for TF2 every time there's an update.

Step 3 - Select the latest version at the top and scroll down the page until you see 2 URL's one red and one green. Copy the geen one into your address bar.

Step 4 - Hit enter [If this doesn't work remove the extra backslashes and try again] Now to select all the information in the item schema simply press Ctrl + a the paste it into a notepad doc.

Step 5- Locate your tf folder create a folder called scripts [You may already have one] Then a folder called "items" inside that.

Step 6 - Save the notpad doc into the items folder.


You must name the notepad doc items_game.txt Copy exactly as seen!


Step 7 - Your done! congrats. Load TF2 up again and look for the line.

"Current item schema is up-to-date with version ########"

If not or you see the same line as before your doing it wrong!

Link to the original thread:

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