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a Woolen Sleevelet 2012年11月11日上午4:23
TF2 Unusual Effects are Invisible.
For some reason, since the other day, unusual effects are all invisible, other than the musical notes from Buds. I don't believe I deleted or modified any files.
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uv 2013年1月16日上午11:44 
same with me :(
a Woolen Sleevelet 2013年1月17日上午8:48 
I fixed it a while ago, I just had to defragment the files.
Tim Timsen (已封禁) 2013年1月17日上午9:11 
First world problems...
Sunny Dasher 2013年2月10日下午2:22 
i have it too :(
a Woolen Sleevelet 2013年2月11日上午9:18 
As I said, I just had to defragment the files.
You should check what version of directx your TF2 is running by going into video options and looking in the bottom right. Some versions are glitchy as hell.
Sunny Dasher 2013年2月11日上午9:31 
ah ok ill try it thx
Sunny Dasher 2013年2月11日上午9:49 
ok i am running number 9. Do i need to update?
a Woolen Sleevelet 2013年2月12日上午8:44 
Mine's running 9 and it works fine. I assume you've defragmented the game cache and all that jazz?
Sunny Dasher 2013年2月12日上午8:58 
a Woolen Sleevelet 2013年2月12日上午9:19 
Have you tried changing your launch options to force a different version of directx? It might be the version you're using.
Sunny Dasher 2013年2月12日上午10:18 
ok i fixed it i changed the directx version to 8 and than i added somw re textures so now the game it working like it used to :D. Thanks
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a Woolen Sleevelet 2013年2月13日上午8:47 
facelessfelon 2013年2月13日上午9:08 
引用自 Tim Timsen
First world problems...
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