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inigga montoya 2013年1月16日 11時38分
invisible unusual effect
i notice that i cen't see any unusual effects lately (even mien D; ).
i didnt deleted any files and i haven't found any fix for that.
does anyone esle have the same problem or know how to fix it?
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Sunny Dasher 2013年2月10日 12時40分 
same i have that too! has there been a solution to it yet?
SharkWithALaserBeam #GoodVibes 2013年2月10日 12時42分 
all non unusual hats come with invisible unusual effects.
inigga montoya 2013年2月10日 12時46分 
i already found the problome, some of the partical files make the unusual effect become invisble, so try to find which one coz it :/
Sunny Dasher 2013年2月10日 14時25分 
@sharkwithalaserbeam hahaha you so funny

@cheessolo so you mean look in the tf2 files and look for the files making it invisible?
inigga montoya 2013年2月11日 9時04分 
yup, i think its always a partical file
Sunny Dasher 2013年2月11日 10時15分 
ok i fixed it i had to change my directx so now it is much better
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