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[Poke☆] Tommy (Porttikiellossa) 14. tammi, 2013 17.43
why are these weapons in medieval and why are some weapons not
if you remember i posted a comment about whatt weapons should be in MvM that did not turn out so good. But here's my complaint to medeval mode there are some weapons that should be in there but they are not. and vice versa heres my list and reasons

should be in it
Brass beast: its based of the 1861 gatling gun. They still had medeval like fights
huo-long-heater: looks like an ancioet minigun
loose cannon: the first cannons were since the 13th century sounds medeval
should not be in it
atomizer: it looks like a modern or even futuristic bat
eureka effetc: its a futuristric wrench
neon anniholator: its a neon axe, which is modern
third degree: same thing as neon anniohlator
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[Poke☆] Tommy (Porttikiellossa) 14. tammi, 2013 17.43 
cant complete it yet
Mucinex 14. tammi, 2013 17.45 
You best be joking.
Gatorsurfer 14. tammi, 2013 17.45 
[Poke☆] Tommy (Porttikiellossa) 14. tammi, 2013 17.46 
no i just overthink
DetectiveZvarri 14. tammi, 2013 18.16 
Get some grammar.
Mucinex 14. tammi, 2013 18.19 
NotAGoodMan lähetti viestin:
Get some grammar.
He also needs to get some sense. He says the gatling gun are from 1861 and then says they used it in medieval battles. medieval times < 1860s
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Zyroxeon 14. tammi, 2013 18.22 
Please retype in english and then reconsider the fact that this is TF2, where throwing milk on someone gives you health.
alto723 14. tammi, 2013 18.28 
I understand that the atomizer is not medieval. However, all melee weapons are included. It's not like the lollichop and third degree are actually medieval.
PuddingTame 14. tammi, 2013 18.34 
I would kind of like to see the Loose Cannon in medieval mode, it'd prolly be the only time I ever use it lol.
Kreuzfahrer 14. tammi, 2013 18.44 
kaglaw lähetti viestin:
Brass beast: its based of the 1861 gatling gun. They still had medeval like fights
kaglaw lähetti viestin:
its based of the 1861 gatling gun
kaglaw lähetti viestin:
kaglaw lähetti viestin:
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{JSA}OFFICERMARIO 14. tammi, 2013 18.57 
I dont even know what to say about this
templar 14. tammi, 2013 19.32 
His Dudeness lähetti viestin:
I would kind of like to see the Loose Cannon in medieval mode, it'd prolly be the only time I ever use it lol.

As if demoman isn't already powerful enough in medieval mode lol
not that balance really matters with all the other silliness going on there
fancy headcrab (GONE AUTISTIC) 14. tammi, 2013 20.20 
ya the loose cannon is the only good one beside that, really miniguns? im pretty sure thats the last thing im gona find in a medevil area and a gattling gun really sir go home your drunk
syn 14. tammi, 2013 21.44 
Miniguns wasn't a medieval weapon, genius..... The only kind was swords, axes saws, bats(with the spikes on it) Mini-guns are not there...
Pretty Gosh Darn Wigger 14. tammi, 2013 21.51 
Guys please be respectful of his opinion, no matter how ridiculous it may seem to you.

Now I'm going to explain the best I can why these weapons shouldn't be in Medieval mode.

1.It's a melee fight, not a gun fight. The minigun chews everything up that's near it
2.Same as number 1
3.It's a melee fight, as I explained
4.Gives a 3rd jump that can give some people an advantage
5.It returns people to spawn, which can make people run away from a fight
6.Gives a health regain upon kill, which is unfair
7.Damages anyone who is connected via a medigun beam, which is, again, unfair

I hope you see why these weapons aren't allowed, or at least get an idea why.
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