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Grubbi 2013年1月13日下午3:28
Favourite maps?
what are youre favourite maps?
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Abe "Grampa" Simpson 2013年1月13日下午3:40 
Turbine, Well (both CTF and CP), Foundry and Gorge.
alto723 2013年1月13日下午3:41 
Hydro, gorge, and hightower
22nd Sentry Gentleman 2013年1月13日下午3:57 
I think the list of maps I don't enjoy would be shorter than the ones I call my favorites..

Anyway of all of them cp_steel probably is my overall fave.

A mix of attack/defend and 5cp that comes with a final point that's always vulnerable and changing routes with every cap.
What's not to love?
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Mucinex 2013年1月13日下午4:01 
cp_gullywash or cp_granary
Proto 2013年1月13日下午4:01 
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