Team Fortress 2

Team Fortress 2

bdono18 13. jan 2013 kl. 12:31pm
Still worth getting into TF2 so late in the 'game'?
This game has been out for over 5 years now and I have never played it before. I was wondering if it would still be worthwhile to start playing it, or would I just get destroyed by people who have been playing TF2 since it was release in 2007?
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lapis 13. jan 2013 kl. 12:40pm 
Yeah, it's worth it.
Octavia 13. jan 2013 kl. 12:47pm 
Most players are fairly casual, so while you'll certainly have your posterior handed to you at times, it isn't particularly difficult to find some players with a lower skill level, or who simply play for fun; unless you enter a competitive scene, of course.

That being said, I wouldn't suggest you play with newbies all the time, as truly good players will teach you how to improve; a defeat generally means you did something wrong, which means you can attempt to improve. You generally don't be demolished consistently unless there's a large difference in skill, or you're playing a class that is countered, to a degree, by another; for example, a good Pyro can shut down a Spy relatively easily, but you can still outplay a Pyro as a Spy with proper play.

The game even assists you in identifying foes who exceed your skill; if you get Dominated, which is multiple kills or assists in a row against you without you scoring a kill or assist against them, will give them a marker above the player model that can be seen by you. It identifies your Nemesis, and allows you to single him out in order to avoid him, or in order to warn you that you'll need to play hard to outmatch him; while it's not always accurate, as bad teams can lead to someone Dominating you that shouldn't, it does help in seeing who has really outplayed you, and who will most likely be boxing your ears in.

I'd recommend you get it; the game is generally pretty casual, minus the trading scene, which is completely optional. You'll be trounced a little, as any newbie will be, but it's not terribly difficult to the point that every player will thrash you all the time, especially once you start getting a feel for the game.
Salt Raifu 13. jan 2013 kl. 12:55pm 
Yes, it's definitely worth downloading. With several game modes, quite a few maps, tons of weapons, many, MANY mods, and an almost innumerable amount of ways to customize your class' appearances, you're sure to have fun.
[FOG] JustJack 13. jan 2013 kl. 1:24pm 
i only have about 30 hours logged im pretty new to TF2 i always score high in games it just takes some time to work out strategies with the classes
Aya Shameimaru 13. jan 2013 kl. 1:45pm 
Just buy yourself a melee weapon for a class you think you'll use the most often, and you can get into the game rather easily.
AWOOGA 13. jan 2013 kl. 1:49pm 
Trading for all of the regular weapons can be fairly simple and if you buy in bulk you can often get them 3:2 (1 scrap + weapon for 2 other weapons). Depending on your favorite classes you can find advice on what combinations of weapons to use.

Oprindeligt skrevet af bdono18:
This game has been out for over 5 years now and I have never played it before. I was wondering if it would still be worthwhile to start playing it, or would I just get destroyed by people who have been playing TF2 since it was release in 2007?
[RGers] Major Havoc 13. jan 2013 kl. 1:49pm 
I've been whupping butt on gamers who have a lot of bought downloadable content and have been playing for much longer than I have. I guess playing TFC for eight years made the difference though. :D
bdono18 13. jan 2013 kl. 2:24pm 
Thanks everyone, might give it a go sometime soon then.
Dirty Dan 13. jan 2013 kl. 3:10pm 
its free try it
AND 13. jan 2013 kl. 6:16pm 
It's a great and fun game (It's even known for being one of the best fps games on pc), and if you want to, feel free to add me and i can help clear up any questions you might have regarding tf2
If you're new to it you'll love it, if you had it since it came out then there are mixed opinions but like everyone said, it's free so go for it and see what you think
node357 14. jan 2013 kl. 5:24am 
Well, the price is right. And it's easier now than it was before F2P thanks to wider um, skill spectrum.
TheGamingMouse 14. jan 2013 kl. 5:36am 
of course it is worth to play TF2 it is SO awesome
Xx Lone Wolf xX 14. jan 2013 kl. 5:46am 
I start playng not long time ago and is one of the best FPS i ever played.
girdurloins 14. jan 2013 kl. 6:17am 
It's never too late. Make sure you do the training mode first. After that play offline against bots and try out the different classes and find one your most comfortable with. Once you feel like your ready you can jump into a live match and have fun.
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