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DatBrownFellow 2012年12月30日 10時49分
Mann Co Transaction Error
Is anyone else having problems with the store? It's my first time buying from the store and I can't get anything. I tried purchasing directly in the game and from buy I keep getting an error message similar to "There seems to have been an error initializing or updating your transaction. Please wait a minute and try again or contact support for assistance." Steam support hasn't been any help at all. Can anyone help me? I just want a key for my Nice crate before it expires :-/
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DatBrownFellow 2012年12月30日 15時56分 
If it helps solve the issue, the message I get is "There seems to have been an error initializing or updating your transaction. Please wait a minute and try again or contact support for assistance."
SnubbyKing 2013年1月1日 15時42分 
Are you using your own credit card? If so, than there should be no problem. I had this problem too without any purchase. I've never added money on my steam account yet. Here's what you should do. You need to update your transaction on your steam only. Not on TF2. That's all I can think to help.
DatBrownFellow 2013年1月1日 16時16分 
Well what happened is that my cousin wanted to give me money on my steam account as a birthday present. So I gave her my username and password since I'd trust her with anything I own. She put 5 dollars in my Steam wallet I think using PayPal and I even have the receipt for the 5 dollars. My steam account shows that I have 5 dollars in it as well. But I still keep getting an error message when I try to check something out.
SnubbyKing 2013年1月1日 16時42分 
Ok. Are you SURE she didn't robbed you or anything? Did she charged back anything from the store WITH your credit card? If so than you might need to use a different credit card.
DatBrownFellow 2013年1月1日 17時09分 
I never added money in my steam account before that. She was the first one to put any money at all in my steam account. So it's impossible for her to rob me since there was no money or credit card information on my account in the first place. Plus, I'm 100% sure I have money in my steam wallet.
SnubbyKing 2013年1月1日 17時11分 
Well ok. I mean I get this alot and everybody too. Steam is getting laggy or something
Tim Timsen (禁止済) 2013年1月1日 17時12分 
Do what the message says and "try again later".
"1 minute" is inaccurate since 2011.
DatBrownFellow 2013年1月1日 17時42分 
Ok I'm just a little worried since this is my first purchase and I had this issue for days. Thanks though guys
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Slowpoke (ThatGuy1337) 2013年1月2日 12時14分 
Same, also, what happens if we're trying to buy a crate but it expires before them fixing the problem:( I wanna get a festive so are we gonna get any compensation?
Baido 2013年1月6日 1時31分 
I have this problem
Slowpoke (ThatGuy1337) 2013年1月6日 12時15分 
I still do and I wasnt even able to get my festive due to the store not letting me get anything:/

Dammit Valve fix this!
DatBrownFellow 2013年1月6日 13時03分 
@Try Kitten Mittens informed me that Steam Guard shuts down transactions for a person for about two weeks if they put money in their wallet from a different IP or computer. Did you do anything similar to that GeoGamer?
Carl Brutananadilewski 2013年1月11日 14時49分 
not for me either
Slowpoke (ThatGuy1337) 2013年1月12日 9時08分 
Still not working!
MARxLENin 2013年1月13日 1時31分 
I just put money to Steam through Qiwi and i can't purchase anything in Mann Co. So do i have to wait two weeks before i can use my money? That's absurd.
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