ASSman 29. joulu, 2012 0.52
Trading all my TF2 items for CS:GO
Hello , i would like to sell all my tf2 items for CS:GO . I have quite some interesting and rare items... add me and we shall trade !
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[UnSu] Lord Hyperion 10. helmi, 2013 22.44 
Lucifer ★✬ 10. helmi, 2013 23.01 
you got 47 items all up and most of them arnt tradeable. you got no uns or stranges and your vintage item isnt tradeable

and this isnt a tradeing place, read the rules before posting (it isnt that hard)
ASSman 12. helmi, 2013 0.12 
i traded all my items a long time ago for the game , if you can see i got the game ... and this was posted a long time ago... so yeah sorry i did't delete this post
Lucifer ★✬ 22. marras 17.56 
hay4cow lähetti viestin:
is my tf2 backpack enough to get csgo?

holly fu*k, nice 1 year 9 month necro.

and no, your bp isnt work cs:go
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went_r 22. marras 17.57 
The necros
Holy ♥♥♥♥
All the way back from 2012
Claus 22. marras 18.00 
Guys, this thread is dead, this thread was created before I even started playing this game.
Segafan11 22. marras 18.07 
The biggest Necro i ever seen
Claus 22. marras 18.41 
Pyraax lähetti viestin:
Are you serious you just necroed this thread again.
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