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DTsang 2012 年 12 月 27 日 @ 下午 10 時 21 分
My Scrap
Hello, After playing team fortress 2 for a while now, I have noticed that, the currency known as metal contains the lowest tier metal known as scrap. I have decided to take in one of these so called "Scrap" and have given it a home. I have adopted him as of today. I have named it, SuicideNinja's HoneyBooBoo. Now I know it may sound silly but, I decided it should have a name different to everything else; it should be unique and not so commonly known. I have decided from today on, to always keep my HoneyBooBoo with me, I have given it a home within my backpack a place of shelter (Pg 6).

Everyone treats scrap as nothing but a weapon and say it is wortless. Well in my opinion, weapons in tf2 are not just something to use to protect yourself but a friend. A thing that you can rely on whenever you see a pyro running at you. Today! Oh yes! Today! I have decided to try and gain support from people to help me name my scrap "HoneyBooBoo" to make a difference in the scrap community! To make this scrap a hero! A role model to all scrap!
So please, I ask you, Please help support this thread. Help spread the word about HoneyBooBoo and help him shine in the community, help this one scrap become a legend in the tf2 community.

To help with this please Share and Comment "I Support!"

-SuicideNinja, The Owner of HoneyBooBoo.

Edit 12/28/12 - HoneyBooBoo has been moved to pg 3 of my bp.
Btw You can't use a name / disc tag on scrap, so we must ask valve to complete the operation!

Edit 12/29/12 - Would anyone be so kind as in to donate a name tag <3

Amount of Supporters!: 41 (Love you guys <3)
最後修改者:DTsang; 2012 年 12 月 30 日 @ 下午 5 時 37 分
Team Fortress 2 > 一般討論 > 主題細節
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