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AceDread 2012年12月25日 19時00分
Team Fortress 2 Closing Itself in-game with NO error.
See title. There's no error code. A few days ago It closed with an error about some dirext x 8 mesh thing. I forget the code, but that has happened before. I couldn't find any information on Google with what I had. Maybe someone here can shed some light on this?
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BuLLet 2013年2月16日 8時38分 
My TF2 does that too, even in-game when im shooting stuff it just closes.. But i love the useless updates, didn't see any of my problems fixed.
acommoncreeper 2013年2月16日 15時40分 
Are you using Directx 8? If you aren't you might want to try switching to it.
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