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[ Devi ] TFSRunner 2012年12月21日 6時49分
new items with craft numbers
so does anyone know when they make the new item craft-able? as in craft number included? I've always wanted to take a shot at crafting a number 1-100, but miss the update by *that* much.
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Fire Walk With Me 2012年12月21日 6時49分 
I've seen quite a few on Outpost. I'd say you missed it by a mile.
[ Devi ] TFSRunner 2012年12月21日 6時50分 
thought so, forgot to check out post /:
Fire Walk With Me 2012年12月21日 6時54分 
Not sure if this will help you in your quest but have you checked out:

It has the number of each item over all backpacks. I'm not sure how up to the minute up to date they keep it but maybe you can find something not being crafted much. I'd shoot for something a little less desirable if you are just going for the elusive 1-100#.

I wish you luck!
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