Team Fortress 2
why is damage so high with the black box
really is is over powered
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Mucinex 7. joulu, 2012 18.43 
It does the same amount of damage as the stock rocket launcher.
not really the black box if it hits you sqare on it death
Crits, Krtizkreig, Pay-to-Win servers
it does same damage as stock, and if you're low on health, you're pretty much doomed
ill need to look in to that i little more but i think it is over powerd.
still i think it is over powered

tommytheking lähetti viestin:
still i think it is over powered

Ignorance will do that for you.
Regular rocket launcher will own it every time, unless black box gets the first hit maybe.
With the black box, you gotta be really damn sure that every rocket will make a solid hit. Regular gives you room for mistakes not to mention that extra rocket just might turn out to be a critical.
Axil 7. joulu, 2012 19.02 
Op knows nothing about damage/ how much of a downgrade it is to reload after only 3 shots.
Roy Biv 7. joulu, 2012 19.02 
tommytheking lähetti viestin:
not really the black box if it hits you sqare on it death
Maybe you're thinking of the Direct Hit? Less splash radius but more base damage.
the reflection is it misses but the blast hits you the life you lose is crazy

Same damage, literally the only difference is sacrificing a valuable rocket for a measly 15 hp per hit.

The DIRECT HIT, however, deals more damage.
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templar 7. joulu, 2012 19.25 
Yeah, someone with only 5 hours on soldier and no black box in their inventory is perfectly right to say that it's OP.
15 HP, per player hit
so if you hit 5 people pushing the cart or something, you've got 60 health, even though the number over your health only says +15 (it's a bug)
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