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TsTY Fuzion 2013年4月30日 16時10分
he guys,
im premium and everything,
and today i turned on steam because i needed to trade for the scotsman sculcuter because i had just gaunted the unusual haunted metal scrap and wanted to craft the headless horsemanns horseless headtaker
when i traded this dude it said you cannot trade with ...
when he traded me he said that the message said I ❤ F2P Newbs, Not Haters is not available to trade. More information will be shown to I ❤ F2P Newbs, Not Haters if they invite you to trade.

i restarted steam and traded like 3 other peeps and the same thing happened
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We're all gonna make it, brah 2013年4月30日 16時12分 
Maybe because your Steam Guard is disabled?
TsTY Fuzion 2013年4月30日 16時15分 
nope tried that
Nightblue3G 2013年4月30日 16時17分 
Internet Problem???
TsTY Fuzion 2013年4月30日 16時20分 
i have full internet
01001010 2013年5月2日 20時44分 
Having the same problem. Ever figure out why it's happening?
Orsumsauce 2013年5月2日 23時18分 
have u waited 15 days after Steam Guard was enabled?
Dead Fuze 2013年5月3日 2時32分 
The guy you try to trade with is F2P/Doesn't have Steam Guard on.
01001010 2013年5月3日 7時13分 
Steam guard has been enabled for along time. I've tried trading with many different people so it's defiantly on my end.
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