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TOG | Delphaeus 2013年4月27日 23時16分
Old player with lots of items, no idea what to do with them
Hey all,

I've been playing since the orange box first came out, but i never really got into the items and crafting thing being just a casual player. I've now got pages and pages of untradeable crap in my backpack and really just want to trade it all away in the steam market for money i can put into buying new games.

Is there an easy way? turn them all into tokens or metal or something that can be traded?

Just after a few tips on clearing out the junk, i'd prefer take less profit if it means less work involved...

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Woobie :3 2013年4月28日 0時51分 
First, I'd go to or find some scrapbankers to turn all of oyur weapons into metal (2 weapons = 1 scrap). Then, go on to find the approximate value of your backpack, and then go on a trading site, and put up a post saying "selling whole BP". With all teh metal from that, trade it for keys and then sell them over Paypal (if oyu find someone willing to buy it using paypal) or sell them on the steam market.
Brian 2013年4月28日 4時59分 
With your untradeble items, there's nothing you can do about it.
Zarkri 2013年4月28日 5時18分 
Brian の投稿を引用:
With your untradeble items, there's nothing you can do about it.
Well actually he could become p2p, although his things are tradeable in fact.
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