Team Fortress 2
Engineer needs more PDAs
The Engineer has a simple construction PDA, capable of building a sentry, a dispenser, a teleporter entrance, and a teleporter exit. This, although versatile, does become tedious after a while, and other classes (in particular Demoman/Demoknight) have many more functions.

Therefore, I propose this: new PDAs.
I have come up with three ideas:

Offense PDA
1. Sentry
2. Wrangler Controlled Sentry Buster
3. Mine
4. Mine

Doc Holiday PDA
1. Quick-Building Dispenser
2. Long-Range Dispenser
3. Teleporter Entrance
4. Teleporter Exit

Mobility PDA
1. Wrangler Controlled Mobile Sentry
2. Cannon (transports allies and disguised Spies forcefully over walls)
3. Two-way Teleporter "Entrance"
4. Two-way Teleporter "Exit"

I think these additions would improve the importance of the Engineer during games such as Arena and Medieval mode, and add a new dimension to the game.
Date Posted: Apr 25, 2013 @ 5:50am
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