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Lacey Shadows 2013年4月22日 19時29分
made a new group, need members
so my friend and I came up with this fantastical idea to creat a group of bonk piranhas. don't know what that is? lemme tell ya.

bonk piranhas are a group of scouts using bonk! atomic punch and holy mackerels, which are the requirements for joining (and not being a total ♥♥♥♥, of course). the bonk piranhas use their bonk to circle the enemy before finally feasting (smacking) upon their prey with sharp-♥♥♥ teeth (holy mackerels)

join! now! what you waitin' for?!
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Frosty Bubbles 2013年4月22日 19時42分 
What a hilarious idea! I'm sure it will be very successful, but I cannot join because (And some people I know will already know this) I quit TF2 a few weeks ago. Sorry!

- Your friendly Steam pal, Frosty :D
icehat 2013年4月22日 19時47分 
Okay, link to the group please?
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Zero-One 2013年4月22日 19時49分 
I will join, send me an invite.
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