Team Fortress 2
[SSC] Jason 22. huhti, 2013 16.57
Nametag ideas for S Gunslinger
Exactly what the title says, have a nametag and want to use it.

Also, if one of you comes up with a name that's amazing, I'll give you a scrap or something.
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Batman 22. huhti, 2013 16.59 
its the strange doesnt need a other name ;)
[SSC] Jason 22. huhti, 2013 17.02 
Heh, but then what do I use my nametag on? (Note: I have completed crate 30 and crate 40 collections, some with names some without)
Batman 22. huhti, 2013 17.03 
so your here to tell people what great weapons you have..i see ;)
[SSC] Jason 22. huhti, 2013 17.04 
No, No, I want nametag ideas. Just cause I have completed crate 30 & 40 collections doesn't mean I'm showing them off.
I listed the collections so you would have an idea of what else to use the nametag on, seeing as I can't manage to decide
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Paul Blart: Meme Lord 22. huhti, 2013 17.05 
I went with "Scrubslinger" as a name for mine once.
Batman 22. huhti, 2013 17.10 
maybe the kritzkrieg to blitzkrieg? :)))
by the way..its not possible to add robots killed on it right?
[SSC] Jason 22. huhti, 2013 17.10 
Not for mediguns.
Batman 22. huhti, 2013 17.12 
valve should do a part for the medigun/sentryguns....good luck with your namesearch...most people would call it op ingame :p
Octavia 22. huhti, 2013 17.15 
Eh, if I had name-tags and we assume I wasn't going to go with musical words to fit my persona, I'd probably choose something like "Mechanical Marvel" or "Magnanimously Mediocre Machination". Something like that, although I'm certainly bad with names because I think they need to have the same letter for each word included, but anyways, best of luck finding a decent name; I always think something someone manages to conjure up themselves is better than something someone else gives them, but to each their own.
remas 22. huhti, 2013 17.18
Some good ideas here.

(Names are ranked by score, low --> high)
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remas 22. huhti, 2013 17.30 
appomo lähetti viestin:
does unusual gunslinger exist ?!?

No, that's just a name they would use if it could have that effect
Mr. Bojangles 22. huhti, 2013 19.15 
Texas Style Cookie Dough Mixer
le petite pieri (sick) 22. huhti, 2013 19.21 
grandpappy conagher's right hand

( if you go on the tf2 wiki and look radigan conagher, you'll see what i mean)
Nicolas Cage's Flowing Hair 22. huhti, 2013 20.59 
I gotta HAND it to you, The iron grip, Super-Speedy-Mini-Sentry-Squeezy, Punch-o-matic, The Mini Sentry Slider Station, The rage maker, or The most obnoxious weapon in tf2.
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