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Nothing 2013年4月9日上午2:04
Animated Sprays

I recently created a spray from a gif file, looked online and used guides to help me create the file so that it would work with tf2. The spray works, just one problem; the frames are really slow.
I've seen some pretty decent sprays that look like small clips, but my one looks really bad. If there is a way to improve the frame rate, any advice would be appreciated.
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MA☝Omgwtfbbqstfu™ 2013年4月9日上午3:33 
Frame rate is just standard in tf2 because the file size is really limited this is a good thing or else every spray would be very very short. The thing you have to do is selectively remove frames if you wish to alter how fast something is animated. You'd be surprised how much you can remove from a gif and still have it look ok.
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