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Decal gone from my Clan Pride?
Well, I booted up TF2 a few days ago and noticed that the decal on my Clan Pride was gone, I figured that it was a temporary lapse in the item server and just dealt with it. The second day went by and I figured it was just something up with their servers, now a good 4 days later it's still not here. Anyone else having this problem or know a fix that doesn't involve me coughing up the metal to grab another Decal Tool?
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I had an image on my photo badge that is now gone also... I'm really kinda p.o.'ed about it since I actually purchased the decal tool from the store. I assume it was accidentally removed in one of the last updates, but, maybe Valve will redeem itself here and restore the images to those that lost them... If not, I dont see why anyone would bother with the decal tool in the future...
So, aside from that, is there any way to fix this or are Decal Tools just pointless now?
Logged on just now, and *Poof!* my graphic has returned to my photo badge! :) Seems it was either a temporary glitch or an unexpected one that got patched... Check yours again...
Alright, I will.
Yep, it's back, thanks for the info Bobo!
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Date Posted: Apr 1, 2013 @ 5:14pm
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