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=UPG= ๖ۣۜDalek 2013년 4월 1일 오전 12시 01분
How do I make a full color 'clan pride'?
Let's be honest, the color filter with the decal tool is just horrible and I would like to get full color on my clan pride. To be honest, I want to put the Fen badge from pokemon D/P on it because it would go nicely with my pokeball Flair. I've seen plenty of filters for the flair and objector, but none for the clan pride or photo badge. Is it possible to even get full color for these? Or am I investing in a lost cause. I don't see why we shouldn't be allowed full color on them, we can put large sprays on the wall in full color (and half of those are NSFW)
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Lando.Fitzgerald 2013년 4월 1일 오전 12시 17분 
Can't do clan pride or photo badges anymore.
Aladdin. >MFW only 1 round hits 2013년 4월 1일 오전 1시 19분 
^ Neither can conscience objector
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