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Jason Mar 31, 2013 @ 10:22pm
Yngwie Malmsteen mentioned in guitar description and it isn't a Stratocaster Guitar players help me out!
Why does the description mention Yngwie Malmsteen when we all know he only plays Strats, and has one of the largest collection of Strats ever. That should be a scalloped fretted white Strat, not a flying V.

It is awesome there is a guitar item in TF2, but the second I saw Malmsteen's name, I was kinda bummed because it is total lies. Mention a player who is famous for a flying V, not one of the most famous Strat players ever. It is like having Clapton's name there or something. Those guys don't play flying vs

Would modeling a real guitar be against the law or something?

Anyways, a shout out to all the guitar freaks out there, shouldn't it say Randy Rhoads or someone like that, instead of Malmsteen?
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BlaqkAudio Apr 1, 2013 @ 12:18am 
"Harness the unholy power of the Dark One (Yngwie Malmsteen) and crush your opponents with blistering riffs, lava-hot licks and emotionally crippling power ballads!"

The description was just saying that your character would rock out like the way he does. And I think that there would be some kind of copyrite stuff if they actually mention Fender or something.
Jason Apr 1, 2013 @ 8:09pm 
yea I just really care about music and it might be weird for some but saying "harness the power of malmsteen" and having someone hold a flying V is like saying play Gordon Freeman in the new Call of Duty! seriously its that bad for me, thats how I feel.

But I guess I should take this up with Double Fine? :P haha
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