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Shut up, you dick. 2013년 3월 29일 오후 9시 41분
Black Ops 2 (Genuine) TF2 Items??
I know the game has been released 3 months ago and probably everyone hates CoD, but what the heck. If Valve really wants to do this, here are some items that might take into consideration:


War Machine(GL): +2 ammo in clip, making it 6 instead of 4. Grenades explode upon contact. 25% slower RoF.

Death Machine(minigun): 50% faster RoF. 20% movement overall speed increase. 100% more ammo. 40% less damage.
Galvaknuckles(melee): On hit, stuns enemy for 5 sec. 25% attack rate. However, 30% less damage.

Storm PSR(sniper rifle): Hold M1 to charge manually, every 1/4 charge will penetrate +1 enemy.
Assault Shield (razorback/ darwin's danger shield): Take no damage when being hit from behind. But will break if it takes too much damage.

Executioner(revolver): Does the same damage as the Scattergun, but hold only 5 ammo per clip. And slow reload.
Black Hat: Sap enemy buildings from a distance. The player must hold M1 to sap and can only sap 1 building at a time. Must be used in an open area and the min. distance is about 10 meters.


Soldier, Heavy, Engineer, Sniper:
Tac-Pad: Similar to the Pipboy

Thats pretty much about it, hate comments will not be accepted
. kthnxbai
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Octavia 2013년 3월 29일 오후 10시 10분 
It's not even the fact that this is related to Call of Duty, but the fact that every weapon here is horribly balanced; most of the Promotional items, if not all, have been re-skins or cosmetics. Not unbalanced weapons that have no sort of balancing effect, nor any effort made in making them proper weapons that aren't blatantly overpowered.

I mean really, the second you start getting into five second Melee stuns on a Heavy, you've realized that you've made a horribly bad weapon because even with the reduced damage, it would essentially be a Holiday Punch for idiots who can't get behind people or rely on critical hits. Oh, and then there's the whole Machina rip-off that's essentially better than it in every way, a clearly superior Grenade Launcher due to splash damage being inflicted on contact, even with the firing rate decrease, the silly "Revolver" that should not be in the class that has the easiest time getting behind an enemy and a Minigun that, even with the reduced damage, would deal similar damage due to the Rate of Fire increase, which gives a plethora of bonuses for using.

Promotional items are re-skins, not bad ideas from other games that have no place in the universe as a 'unique' weapon. If Valve wanted to do this, they would've done it, and even then, I highly doubt they would, considering how broken these concepts are and how it goes against the motto of every single promotional item in the game.
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wubz 2013년 3월 30일 오전 12시 22분 
Galvaknucles are too op if it stuns enemy for 5 seconds -.- BAD IDEA VALVE DONT ADD THESE
Woobie :3 2013년 3월 30일 오전 12시 55분 
I'd have to agree that these are horribly OP and basically OP versions of already existing weapons.
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