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The Darkness 2013年3月22日上午5:06
Beware, scammers and viruses in Workshop comments (PSA)
I've been noticing a slight upscale in comments saying that How to get Free!! Earbuds (Link would be here to something like vimeo, which is COMPLETELY unguarded). When you see these links or comments, report the player and NEVER click on the link. Your account will be comprimised if you do not have have Steam Guard, and in some places if you have already put in your info, start changing all your passwords (Steam Forums, Gmail/AOL/Yahoo/Whatever, Steam, ANY forum passwords (Optional)) now, because at some point the hacker will purchase whatever he can with your credit card if you have it saved on there.
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wasnt me 2013年3月22日上午5:06 
M'aiq the Liar (已封禁) 2013年3月22日上午5:13 
I never click get free anything on the internet if its to good to be true then it is.
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