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♥ The Mighty Dreamer ♥ 2013年3月20日 19時36分
grate all class misc that i need someone to model for me :)
my misc idea is a leather jacket for all classes that barrs the tf2 symbol on the back of it
if any one wishes to make this item please let me know first
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Shadowlord90 (Ryder) 2013年3月20日 22時27分 
That actually does sound pretty good. Especially if you could use a Decal tool on it to change the image to anything you want.
Medicus Qui 2013年3月21日 2時01分 
the problem is it would cover important team-coloured areas, so it couldn't be paintable and would have to be red or blue which wouldn't make it look as good.
♥ The Mighty Dreamer ♥ 2013年3月21日 12時41分 
holiday i under stand you consern for the team coloured areas i was thinking that the jacket would be open so you see the team colored shirt on the front and on the back the tf2 symbol would be your team color
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