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I started playing team fortress 2 about 2 years ago, and I quit in May. I have recently started to play it again, but only vanilla maps now. I played vsh and surf primarily before. Anyways to the point, because I used the VALVe search mode, to search for servers(you know where you decide which gamemode and that) and I stumbled upon the servernetwork . I relized pretty fast that there are a ton of add-ons, which I do not like when I just want to play vanilla. So that is the first thing I want to talk about. When I search for vanilla servers, through the VALVe search mode, I would presume that I would enter a server without add-ons.
This isn't the worst thing though, because this servernetwork has this little stupid thing called "VIP" where if you donate to their account, you get lots of bonuses. VALVe please, why do you want US, the gamers to play on servers with this stupid VIP system where you can become invisible, you can run like much faster and you can become the headless horseman, and you can get halloween spells ONLY if you have paid real money to the servernetwork. Are VALVe getting paid by saigns so the vanilla search automatically connects you to this server? Because it seems this way. Saigns has NOTHING to do here on a vanilla search. I have tried to research for servers again, and again, but I still end up on this server. By all means, I don't mind if these servers are on the browse serverlist.

What are your opinions on this topic?
Do you agree, disagree and why?
Any other solutions or thoughts?

edit #1: wow! 24 comments! thank you guys for bothering with this, sharing you thoughts and solutions. I was kinda♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥off when I wrote this, and yeah, now I have blacklisted the servers. Thank you so much for your help guys! And by all means, my goal here is not to "abolish" the servers, however to remove them from the matchmakinglist. Have a nice day!
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calvin (Banned) Dec 6, 2013 @ 8:32am 
If it were 4 months ago this post would get 100000000 Nobody Cares posts.
And just don't play on those servers. Geez. Play skial dustbowl or something
noname Dec 6, 2013 @ 8:33am 
Originally posted by TTP Corvo Attano:
Are VALVe getting paid by saigns so the vanilla search automatically connects you to this server? Because it seems this way. Saigns has NOTHING to do here on a vanilla search. I have tried to research for servers again, and again, but I still end up on this server. By all means, I don't mind if these servers are on the browse serverlist.

A server is added to the quickplay list if it's registered as a VAC server. That's all it takes; any mods that server may be running do not effect this. Ending up on a saigns server repeatedly is just bad luck.
Ace42 Dec 6, 2013 @ 8:47am 
Generally it's best to just use the Server Browser anyway. Blacklisted all the servers, problem solved. Some Saigns servers claim to be "vanilla" - dunno if that means the premium P2Win stuff is removed too.
Xel-ion Dec 6, 2013 @ 9:02am 
I have all of they server on my Blacklist and they just keep coming back, like a bad cancer. i run a full server search on the browser, select all the saign server and ban them(i make this 2). Some time later when i use quick play i got put on a saign server again, and when i make a search theres like 4-5.
Cretinous Dec 6, 2013 @ 9:21am 
FINALY, PEOPLE WHO UNDERSTAND MY PAIN! litterally, i join servers and 9 times out of 10 its saigns, i seriously cannot escape them. every time i get put on one i yell at the screen. the worst part is saigns vip thing is so god damn exploitable, once there was a spy on their server that went vip, upped his speed to maximum and put a heavily going effect around his head. you know what happened? he would run up to people with this flaming pyroland effect head and lag them out so much that if they tried to stop him he could kill them instantly. you would lag if you even LOOKED AT HIM. oh dear god another thing is the fact that their 'vanilla' servers are complete lies, ive been on them and they still have that really irritating speed boost add-on active. i dont know weather hey think it makes the game faster paced or more fun, it doesnt. it really doesnt. anyway, long sotry short, saigns is hell on earth and is a server (type) that should fall in a hole and die. bit long but i had to get my point across, subscribing to the discussion just to see if saigns gets a lot of hate or not.
Solution to All of you who can't find good servers Correctly:

In the Main Menu, select the Servers Button.

UNCHECK Simplified List (Bottom Left).

In the Game Filters:
1) CHECK Is not Password Protected
2) UNCHECK Server Not Full (my preference)
3) CHECK Has Users Playing
4) Set Latency to <100
5) You can set the Location, but I leave it Blank, as I only worry about the Latency.
6) You can also type in the Max Players count, but that doesn't matter either.
7) If you are looking for a SPECIFIC gamemode, then type in the prefix of the Maps associated in the Map Box (i.e: cp_,koth_,pl_,plr_,vsh_,arena_,jump_,surf_,etc.)

8) Select Refresh ALL, and if it says "Stop Refresh", Select it, then Re-Select "Refresh ALL", then wait for about 3-10 Minutes, depending on your variable Internet Speed.

When the Servers show up, you can Click on a Column to SORT by that Column (Name, Map, Latency, and Player Count). I usually Sort by Player Count by the Most Players, however, BEFORE YOU SELECT THE HIGHEST COUNT SERVER, use your common sense to look at what the server's name is, and what exactly its map its on, as well as any bots that could be there to fool you. You can also right-click the server and Select "View Server Info" and refresh the server in the new window to see who exactly is playing, so you even have a better chance to see if the server you think you are going to join has "bots" or not. Sorting by tags can also help you see what kinds of plugins the server may have. Try expanding the Column to see more if they aren't all visible, although some of the tags are not worth looking at.

So there you go, if you still encounter Servers with Stupid plugins or cheats, then leave it, go back to the History tab of the Server Browser, find the server you were on, and BLACKLIST IT!!! Then you will NEVER have to see it again!!!

-A Very Patient Player
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IZIZ Dec 6, 2013 @ 10:59am 
on premium yuor weapon is astrulium and u walk faster its a dumb network
Google Murray Bookchin (Banned) Dec 6, 2013 @ 1:34pm 
I've only been connected to a server twice and it was quite easy to kill those noobs.
Faith Dec 22, 2013 @ 2:35am 
As for me, I literally HATE those server, if i could do, then I'd burn down their server computer to finally take them down, I've been trying to find a decent server for a half hour now.. let me tell you what server I've got on so far
1ts Hoodoo 24/7
2nd halloween map 24/7 (this ♥♥♥♥ed up my qucik server searcher so the first thing you'll see is it wants to find halloween maps from that on)
3rd badlands 24/7 VANILLA (where i saw ppl throwing spells at each other, golden weapons, and premium.. yeah... vanilla)
4th Harver 24/7
and I'm here with the anger i can't describe.
I havent seen a ♥♥♥♥ing Valve server for 2 weeks now.. what the ♥♥♥♥?!...
Eclipse Dec 22, 2013 @ 2:46am 
I hate Saigns! Because of them I cant get item drops anymore!!!
Everytime when I use Quick play I see Saigns payload, Saigns CTF.
Corky Dec 22, 2013 @ 2:49am 
IZIZ Dec 22, 2013 @ 3:52am 
saings .de its just dumb
IZIZ Dec 22, 2013 @ 3:57am 
toatally legit
Xel-ion Dec 22, 2013 @ 3:59am 
And its seems that they keep changing the servers IP adress, so you cant permanently blacklist them.
Pepe Dec 22, 2013 @ 4:13am 
It is strange pay2win servers are found in the default game search
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