SQU1RRELLY [⇌] Nov 26, 2013 @ 6:42pm
Demo playback not showing effects? Australium weapons, unusual hats...
Has anyone else had issues with this? I have been recording tons of demos for a project with unusual hats, gold australium weapons, pro kill-streak weapons, and so on.

But when I play back the demo, they are just stock items with no effects, the unusual hats dont work either. I can see them on my hud working for my character but no one else.

I just verified my game cache for TF2, updated drivers, played with DX levels, no luck...

Any ideas?
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ovo gancho Aug 2 @ 9:50pm 
I'm facing the same issue. Not sure if it's a known bug nor if there are any workarounds.
Baby_Cookie [WOLF] Aug 3 @ 11:53am 
i vaguely remember some sort of option in advanced options that deals with that

then again i might be wrong and of no much help
( hence the vaguely :p )

SQU1RRELLY [⇌] Aug 3 @ 1:01pm 
Yeah, I never found a way to make it work. Just had to use Fraps but it stinks having it running all the time on standby.
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