SMASHER Jan 12 @ 7:44am
soda popper or baby face's blaster
what is better weapon? soda popper of baby face's blaster? i dont know which one is better so im asking you guys.comment and then ill count the vote to see witch is better.
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CausticFlames Jan 12 @ 9:26am 
the face
spaghetti-sensei (banned) Jan 12 @ 9:30am 
Baby face's.
Right now, I believe it's overpowered and pretty might rightfully so.
You get to run at 180+% speed with no downside for jumping since if you jump it takes away just 25 dmg worth of the bar which can be regained in one even bad shot at any enemy, and all of that for a downside of -2 clip size.
And that also gets negated. Having a smaller clip is trying to say that you're vunerable when you're reloading, but since you can run faster than a speeding rocket jumper like anything is capable of touching you.

End of line it's still funny quickscoping bfb scoots though :3
Captain Faggot Jan 15 @ 1:45am 
Side Stab Jan 15 @ 2:00am 
Soda Popper: Increase in aerial mobility
Baby Face's Blaster: Increase in ground mobility

Really, it depends on what map you're playing on.
1bean234 (banned) Jan 15 @ 2:08am 
kooky Jan 15 @ 2:18am 
Force of nature.
[AOD] HAPPY HEAVY Jan 15 @ 2:28am 
shortstop nah just kidding, face blaster
I vote Soda Popper, 'cause I like jumping as Scout.

You should do a vote count, like BFB: 2, SP: 1
baby face blaster seems to have more of an offensive and damage capability
soda hopper to me just seems like a weaker FaN but you become superman every once in a while
SMASHER Jan 15 @ 5:35am 
vote is done! baby face's blaster is better! i started this discussion because i acciedently made a scrap metal with baby face's blaster and i was using it and i had a soda popper that i ment to scrap. so i wanted to know is soda popper better that baby face's blaster.
Originally posted by SMASHER:
vote is done! baby face's blaster is better!
The Void Jan 15 @ 6:17am 
emugod Jan 15 @ 6:42am 
Baby face is best scout primary at the moment. The penalties of -2 shots and slower initial speed (still fastest class just not by as much) are both joke non-penalties. Soda Popper is hilarious and fun but there really aren't many jumps you can't do with FAN, which is a better weapon in every other way.
Chris the Communist Mountain Jan 15 @ 10:39pm 
Originally posted by emugod:
Soda Popper is hilarious and fun
You said it.
stereotypical anime character Jan 15 @ 11:08pm 
baby blaster. I use it a lot when i go to harvest, and HOO BOY. I love it.
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