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Two issues in TF2. Anyone else?
I dont know if this has been happening to anyone else here. But two strange things are happening with me in TF2.

The First problem I am having is my loadout selection. The third misc slot is always blank and when I set an item there, it only lasts the life. Then it goes blank again. So pretty much i've been getting sick of starting a new life, setting back the item that was there just to lose it and have to do it all over again when I die. This problem I am sure has happened before but I wanted to mention it.

The Second problem, is the replay section. Today I was vewing my replays, and click watch/edit on my most recent play. I get an error message after the game crashes.

It says "Engine Error" for the error box. And the message says "GetDynamicBaseline: FindStringIndex(264-CTFSyringeGun) failed."

I have never gotten this message before and I have been playing a long time. Anyone else having similar issues? I do hope this gets patched sometime soon.
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are you sure you have enough usage to play this? It takes lotta space and usage to play Tf2
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Date Posted: May 13, 2014 @ 2:46pm
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