Team Fortress 2
Please help with this, totes n00b
Why does the map keep changing? For example I like mountainlab. However as soon as I join, the round ends and the map changes. Why can't I play maps I like instead of always having to change servers?

Also, why am I being randomly switched between teams? It's disorienting and it always puts me in the losing team, sometimes two times per round.

Also, why can an engineer randomly one shot a spy with a wrench? I know about crits, but with the engie hitting the spy it almost always happens.

When playing pyro, why can't I reach a sniper going backwards when chasing him? How can he have the same speed as a pyro going forward?

How can a pyro burn my lvl 2 sentry? I always die almost instantly when I try it.

Please help
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Silvy May 12, 2014 @ 8:19pm 
1&2- Its just how TF2 works, happens to everyone
3- Randon Critz happen alot more with Melee, also its the Spy's fault for being seen.
4- Just a game balence choice I guess, also Pyro's suppose to be an Ambush class, you also have a shotgun or scorch type weapon. Shotguns better cause if you close and light em up and the Sniper has Jarate, your gonna get covered in♥♥♥♥♥♥and die
5I-Its more complicated then just walking at it, I dont play much Pyro, but I think you need to slowly circle around it or somthing like that
Problem 1 you joined an ending match. Nothing you can do about that.

2. Autobalance, it sucks but it balances the game.

3. Crits are even worse for engie as the chances are increased by doing damage which the sentry counts as.

4. A sniper who is pushing s plus a strafe key runs at 100% speed which is the same as "standard" sniper+pyro speed.

5. The pyro must have snuck up quickly enough to burn it while the sentry has to slowly turn.
TimeSapper May 12, 2014 @ 8:23pm 
1. Almost every server has a map time limit, which explains why maps change frequently in your experience (or people voted for a next map). If there are maps that you like, use your own offline/LAN server, or look for 24/7 servers (often have "24/7" in the server name).

2. Autobalancing is always a jerk. Unless there's an admin that is willing to disable it (or it is disabled from server plugins), all I can say is get used to it . I've been through this a lot, but became a lot more into the "whatever" reaction each time.

3. Random crits. Often makes luck beat skill

4. Your flamethrower's range probably could not reach the sniper. Try making a strategy that will get you closer to the enemy regardless of speed.

5. Keep practicing, and you'll be able to take out sentries like the other pyros did.
thanks :)
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