Darkice107 May 11 @ 5:28pm
i dont know y but when i try to attack in game it wont work and when i switch wepons i have to left click not right click like normal. I reinstalled the game and it still doesnt work plz help me its my favortive game that i have on steam
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Isvaffel (Banned) May 11 @ 5:29pm 
Just put in the console
"unbindall" and you'll be set.
Darkice107 May 11 @ 5:30pm 
ok thxs for the help
but where is that
Darkice107 May 11 @ 5:31pm 
its in options for the game or on steam
Mr. TopHat May 11 @ 5:32pm 
dont listen to him unbind
all will destroy all or your controls just check your options
Mr. TopHat May 11 @ 5:33pm 
in game bythe way
C15 lft (Banned) May 11 @ 5:33pm 
press ` ingame or on menu IN TF2
Darkice107 May 11 @ 5:34pm 
ok but if it no work then what
C15 lft (Banned) May 11 @ 5:35pm 
it will
Mr. TopHat May 11 @ 5:37pm 
their is a button on the bottom of options in game that can set controls to default
Darkice107 May 11 @ 5:38pm 
it no work dude so i went on options and click put defut and i click yes but it still doesnt work
Darkice107 May 11 @ 5:38pm 
Isvaffel (Banned) May 11 @ 5:39pm 
If you mean attack such as firing your gun, that's how it is in default. Mouse 1
Mr. TopHat May 11 @ 5:39pm 
i dont know what to say
i guess your game is broken, my apologies
Mr. TopHat May 11 @ 5:40pm 
oh that comment was a bit late
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