Mariorrod May 10 @ 4:49pm
Weapons ideas
You can say any weapon idea you want only say down
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Animal-Man May 10 @ 4:52pm 
The Medpack
Level 60 Medical Device
+200% Overheal
+Instant full health
-Cannot Ubercharge
Mariorrod May 10 @ 4:56pm 
good idea
Mariorrod May 10 @ 5:08pm 
Pocket sentry
Level 25 gun
+Press right mouse click and is automatic for 5 seconds
+Dont nessesary reload
-Uses metal for ammo
-No metal from dispencers or droped weapons
Automatic can be medium distance
Description:Why place a sentry when you can have it in your hand this gun can be automatic for 5 second to kill a fast enemy.Its like a mini sentry in your hand!
if i had one i would want to name it the punisher a pistol has 50% more dmg but 50% less reload speed
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Mariorrod May 10 @ 5:12pm 
Mr.Mann May 10 @ 5:12pm 
When equipped you automatically win
Mariorrod May 10 @ 5:12pm 
put the name and type of weapon like if it was a real item
Mariorrod May 10 @ 5:13pm 
lol that half life 3
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