philsters© May 10 @ 4:16pm
level 4 sentry!!!!!!!
I think they shouldcome out with a wrench that makes a sentry go up to lvl 4. what do you think should be on the lvl 4 sentry?
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noob is on vacation brb 27th (Banned) May 10 @ 4:17pm 
Everything overpowered
Frank May 10 @ 4:18pm 
Bezt ideeya evur

"10/10 Like Skyrim with good TF2 ideas." ~IGN
Animal-Man May 10 @ 4:19pm 
noob is on vacation brb 27th (Banned) May 10 @ 4:21pm 
Short Circuit (always on)
Lots of miniguns with nospread
Flames in all direction
Destroys all sappers the moment they are placed
Projectile Shield
Sandvich Dispenser
Aaron Rodgers May 10 @ 4:23pm 
Underworld_Overlord May 10 @ 4:24pm 
projectile shield rockets minigusns and flamethrowes
The Jester May 10 @ 4:28pm 
♥♥♥♥ that. A wrench that can go up to level 10 sentry. A ten foot tall mobile sentry with a face and a hard on. Stomping around the map invulnerable and spanking you kids so hard your mom's panties fly off.
CSX May 10 @ 4:29pm 
more rockets!
SG.每天吃100个doom ۞ May 10 @ 4:30pm 
It should cost 1000 metal and not assemble until fully built.

When built:
800 health
No wrangled ability
1 extra machine gun
2 extra rockets
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Sir Barklesworth III May 10 @ 4:43pm 
+Instantly kills everyone upon spawning, and continues to do so until destroyed
-No Random Crits
If they require 1000 metal, that would make the wrench incredibly overpowered. This idea is already stupid enough. And the only thing it can't do is be operated via wrangler. Here's some better stats.

*Level 3 health
-No wrangler
-Cannot repair
+Grenade launcher
AzureMajora May 10 @ 4:52pm 
+300 HP
+Can move freely
-50% explosive resistance
Mimi May 10 @ 4:53pm 
broken class becomes more broken
Halo May 10 @ 5:13pm 
twilight sparkle (Banned) May 10 @ 5:16pm 
Gabe Newel should be fired from it.
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