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Nigel May 9, 2014 @ 11:00pm
Diamondback or Letranger
Now that I've played a long time with the Letranger and its advantages have used, I have found in a MvM Prof Kit Diamondback and also produced and used. Now I'm just going to try it and find that it makes quite a bit of fun.

What do you think? For the style of play it is up to myself, but from out of interest what would you say?

My normal different layout would YER and Invisible Watch
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KarmaNinja May 9, 2014 @ 11:03pm 
well letranger is used for escape cause it back up ur watch and diamond back is for self defense but i suggest letranger when using dead ringer and diamondback when useing invisable watch
da_huntz May 9, 2014 @ 11:20pm 
Letranger, Big Earner, and Dead Ringer. Stab and shoot to gain your dead ringer cloak back instantly.
Using both revolvers with Your Eternal Reward is already a challenge. But here's some playstyle recommendations.

If running L'etranger, you need to play a little bit sneaky. Because your enemies can easily shoot you due to no disguise and they can hear you uncloaking right behind them, you may need to uncloak at a position far from the battlefield but a place to pick off important targets. Remember that L'etranger is more of an escape goat, not a Hand-Cannon. When Spotted, Cloak and Hop around like an erratic ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥. With enough practice, it should work fine. You could also Uncloak as spawn as your victim, giving the enemy team the illusion that you just "respawned"

When running Diamondback, it's more of a Plan B playstyle. Play as you would normally play as a YER Spy. However, when coming across a situation which is deemed to dangerous, whip our your Diamondback. A Huge advantage when using Long-Range Diamondback compared to Long-Range Ambassador is that the critical Hitboxes will be much more lenient, allowing you to dish out firepower. Of course, you can pop a Critical Shot at point blank, but you risk blowing your cover and being without a disguise, so caution must be excercised.

Overall, I'd go with Diamondback, but it's all up to yoooooooou~
Littlefoot May 10, 2014 @ 12:38am 
Well, i haven't used the l'etranger yet, but i guess it can pair well with the dead ringer or the Cloak and Dagger.

The Diamondback, since the december patch, is pretty damn good now. You get rewarded for doing your job.

Still, the Ambassador is in my opinion the best revolver.
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