Hi guys. has made a big update and now I cant trade items on

"Scrap.TF | Scrapoon 5: Unfortunately, I was unable to send you a trade offer. This was a problem with Steam and not Scrap.TF.<br/>Please make sure Steam is not down and try again soon."

That what the bot said when I added him.

Can someone help please?
Thank you =]
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Bramblestar May 5 @ 4:34am 
what are you trying to trade for?
Im trying to trade for weapons
Bramblestar May 5 @ 4:39am 
what weps you want? I may have them
umm... I actually using a lot so I need to know how to fix it, but thank you =]
Bramblestar May 5 @ 4:46am 
just try anpother bot. But im serious, if i have a wep you want, just add and trade me.
Oh ok thank you =]
Swagalicious May 27 @ 2:55pm 
ya i have the same problem, but I tried all the bots and it gave me the same problem -_- anyone help?
Almighty Darkanine (Banned) May 27 @ 2:57pm 
Same issue when I tried to buy MVM parts. Have you tried posting it on there forums?
Originally posted by Mawile (Darkanine) Editing:
Same issue when I tried to buy MVM parts. Have you tried posting it on there forums?

I have posted it
Microawesome Jun 8 @ 3:20am 
i got this problem aswell and it is really annoying cause i can sell a hat worth .33 for .55 so i need to use it cause no one is going to buy my hat otherwise
vvvvvvvvvv Jun 24 @ 12:05am 
I have this problem too, it's on all bots. Site was check my trade offer URL and write this error.
(W) Waffle Jun 24 @ 1:46am 
only can report, they will fix it soon i hope. so we have to wait,until then trade with other people
RoyalCheese Jun 29 @ 6:28am 
I have this same problem. Its relieving to know other people have this problem too
Maxi-Blu Jun 30 @ 9:37pm 
metete a esta pagina:

copy the url the trade and finish
symbolicious Jul 19 @ 7:50pm 
me too
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