The Storyteller May 2 @ 5:25pm
Your favorite classes
Please, tell me your top 9 tf2 classes(if you want to say why, then by all means, do it)dont be one of those guys that just come here to say " oh, not this thread again" cuz thats REAKING annoying.
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Pie flavored May 2 @ 5:27pm 
There are only 9 classes though...
Noob With No Hats (Banned) May 2 @ 5:27pm 
The Storyteller May 2 @ 5:27pm 
Originally posted by Pie flavored:
There are only 9 classes though...
something_13 May 2 @ 5:27pm 
The Storyteller May 2 @ 5:35pm 
9. Sniper- i wont lie to ya, snipers are useful, in fact, i love to play sniper(with the huntsman or the sleeper, anyways) they are just doing their job, then comes the trade servers, the servers you are usually in just to kill peeps without a time limit, or problems, then you see a sniper, and then comes the loss of braincells, JUST WHEN YOUR FIGHTING SOMEONE HONORABLY, a sniper comes, and they are WORSE YHAN SHPEES, they are RANGED KILLERS and the only of the other classes that can even SHOOT that far ACURATELY is THE SOLDIER.snipers can 1hit kill anything and EVERYTHING that isnt on their team(not to mention, most of the aimbots are snipers -_-) personalit wise, however, he is one of my favorites, and, like i said, i like to play as him with the huntsman or the sleeper, also like i said, outside of violent trade servers, they are one of the most useful classes. they are not without sin on regular gameplay, either, as they must avoid scoots or spies in their way, and their smg isnt very helpful, i wont mention much on his jarate, even to mention his good melee range. i like him, just not as much as the rest.
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Juno Brier May 2 @ 5:36pm 
Pyro and Heavy are my favorites.
stupendous man (Banned) May 2 @ 5:38pm 

Iunno, but I love these guys
Pyrophobia May 2 @ 5:40pm 
Pyro, Demoman, Medic, and Heavy
alien AI (Banned) May 2 @ 5:54pm 
Soldier with cowmangler and any of the banners,
Lowl (Banned) May 2 @ 6:00pm 
Not this thread again...........
stupendous man (Banned) May 2 @ 6:01pm 
Originally posted by Bill Gaben:
dont be one of those guys that just come here to say " oh, not this thread again".

Originally posted by Doc Dips:
Not this thread again...........
Sam May 2 @ 6:24pm 
My favourite is either the scout or the spy. I think I prefer the spy instead because u can disguise to backstab someone,turn invisible,and sap stuff
Christmas Adam!!! May 2 @ 6:25pm 
Not this thread again..................
Sam May 2 @ 6:28pm 
WHAT IN THE WORLD........................................
Sam May 2 @ 6:30pm 
now u are just making people annoyed.

why dont U say ur favourite class instead of going Not this thread again..............
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