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Mizuhashi Parsee (禁止済) 4月5日 19時46分
What should I name my Strange Diamondback?
As of now I already have a name and desc for my Strange Diamondback but I don't seem to find them very good....might I have some suggestions? maybe a Touhou name could do (If you're good at thinking of one)
最近の変更はMizuhashi Parseeが行いました; 4月6日 15時57分
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[DoGe Clan] -=DogeBuddy1130=- 4月5日 19時47分 
[DoGe Clan] -=DogeBuddy1130=- 4月5日 19時47分 
Very original :3
Mint 4月5日 19時48分 
Ars Sappica
[DoGe Clan] -=DogeBuddy1130=- 4月5日 19時48分 
♥♥♥♥ (AFK) の投稿を引用:
Ars Sappica
rly, like ars magica?
Mizuhashi Parsee (禁止済) 4月5日 19時49分 
♥♥♥♥ (AFK) の投稿を引用:
Ars Sappica
I'm actually a bit confused on that name
goldencompass (禁止済) 4月5日 19時51分 
"Tell me more about your razorback"
Mizuhashi Parsee (禁止済) 4月5日 19時53分 
goldencompass の投稿を引用:
"Tell me more about your razorback"
I find this so funny.....yet I usually stab the sniper even if he has a razorback because I find him to be stupid not to notice me
Darkanine (禁止済) 4月5日 19時53分 
Name: "..But diamonds are forever"
Desc: "Unlike you.."
Baseball Bibbins 4月5日 20時04分 
The cottonmouth. I think it's a better snake
Some Loser 4月5日 20時21分 
One two punch.
Lucais (禁止済) 4月5日 20時27分 
Diamond back .375
-W3E- Dat Jane Doe 4月5日 20時40分 
Concentrated Carbonite Spine Mounting
Mizuhashi Parsee (禁止済) 4月6日 15時54分 
Wow this died off quick
KevJam 4月6日 15時56分 
1-2 pow
✪Armex✪ 4月6日 15時59分 
Diamondfront LOL
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