Team Fortress 2
Noobiest thing you've ever done?
I ran around not knowing I had intel.
I got votekicked.
Автор останньої редакції: Rosa Luxemburg; 5 кві 2014 о 11:10
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also inb4 "noobiest isn't a word"
Trusted a spy heavy when I was a medic. Almost time for Uber then BAM! Almost raged quitted.
picked up intel without knowing as a scout and ran back into enemy base, someone yelled at me asking if I was ♥♥♥♥ing mad. Turned around still got a cap.
gave a person a name tag for free when i was F2P
Цитата допису mr. dr. prof. sir. man:
gave a person a name tag for free when i was F2P
.. how?
f2ps can't trade
Lagger (Заблокований) 5 кві 2014 о 12:17 

Цитата допису iron will:
Цитата допису Craig:
.. how?
f2ps can't trade
Unless the item was given to them.
They can trade paints,tags and such... and EVEN find them.

Trust me, I got one when I was F2P.
Автор останньої редакції: Lagger; 5 кві 2014 о 12:17
Tried to kill somebody with a sticky jumper.
Missed three headshots... on heavy.... with rotating.... Brass Beast.... I wanted to cry on my weak skill
Цитата допису Сош:
I tried to airblast bullets.
thank god someone else tried to do that too
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