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Ozium 2 เม.ย. @ 10:33pm
been playing mann up for 90+ minutes and no drops....
wasnt the reset today? and i've not gotten a single drop (except at the end of the game, of course)

is this normal? ie does MVM not count towards loot drops?
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Kikilicious (ถูกแบน) 2 เม.ย. @ 10:33pm 
Thursday, champ. And MvM doesn't count towards the total.
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Ozium 2 เม.ย. @ 10:35pm 
thursday GMT which is now, bruv..

thanks for letting me know about MvM not counting tho...
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Kikilicious (ถูกแบน) 2 เม.ย. @ 10:38pm

That might help. And I'm not in GMT. I'm PST, so I wouldn't know. Don't give me no 'tude.
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