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ColdCoffeeTea 2014年3月26日上午9:31
when do you think tf3 will come out?
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Czarkie 2014年3月26日上午9:32 
Not this again..
RabidBurp 2014年3月26日上午9:33 
When you stop making bad threads.
A Sneaky NPC 2014年3月26日上午9:38 
When the next Source engine comes out.
GJ部|GoӏdenOuji 2014年3月26日上午9:38 
Are you not already happy with TF2?
Fascist Cannuck 2014年3月26日上午9:40 
when the tf2 community has died of old age
cheese 2014年3月26日上午9:40 
PeanutsGrowUnderground 2014年3月26日上午9:49 
I think (and hope) HL3 and L4D3 will come out later this year, together with the Steam Box and Source 2.0. I don't know about TF3.
✿Li Li Swagstout✿ 2014年3月26日上午9:50 
when Gaben loses 1lb in weight.

In other words never!
ScrubNUB 2014年3月26日上午9:52 
the 32/13/00
♥Arokhantos™♥ #Kazotsky 2014年3月26日上午9:54 
they won't its way to soon for tf3 anyway.
Glama Lama 2014年3月26日上午9:56 
never. Lots of people have invested hundreds of hours into this game, to collect hats and become a good player. Imagine how much people have spent to buy unusuals and make certain classes of theirs into godlike avatars when it comes to worth and looks. Imagine all this, but then Gabe says "Hey guys, I've released TF3! now you can start all again with playing skill and cosmetic collections!". Nobody would play it.
manualpanda 2014年3月26日上午9:57 
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when do you think tf3 will come out?
valve do not make 3s
ZeroAssault 2014年3月26日上午9:58 
Never, this is as far as the Team Fortress games should go. TF2 rounds it all up
Max Goof 2014年3月26日上午9:59 
Boneface 2014年3月26日上午10:29 
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