MJfan725 Mar 4 @ 7:24am
2 Cities question
When i finish a tour, how do the fabricators/austrailiums get selected? Are they random or for the class youre playing as?
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Giovanni Mar 4 @ 7:25am 
Random, completely random.
MJfan725 Mar 4 @ 8:27am 
MJfan725 Mar 4 @ 8:38am 
so if the last wave i play as sniper, i wouldnt have an extra chance to get a sniper thing?
winrarphile Mar 4 @ 8:39am 
Gabe Newell sits at valve software, and rolls a die to see what you get.
Dank maymays Mar 4 @ 8:39am 
no, it's random you can play sniper for a complete tour but you have the same amount of chance to find a weapon for soldier or demo.
MJfan725 Mar 4 @ 8:39am 
MJfan725 Mar 4 @ 8:40am 
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