Mustard Donuts Mar 4 @ 2:19am
Anyone know a good custom crosshair for someone who mainly plays as a spy? If anyone knows one, plz send a link :)
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Fedex+ Mar 4 @ 2:26am 
In my opinion, the crosshairs in the option setting are good! Especially the one that is used in cs for the shotgun! Hmm.... It's the one with the four corners! But, if ur up using the ambassoder. Use crosshair 5! It's good and accurate!
۩≈PoF≈۩ Spud-Mann Mar 4 @ 4:45am 
Test all of ´em to find your favorite. We can´t decide what you actually prefer.
Charles Findertism Mar 4 @ 4:46am 
Use the dot, and make it bright green, helps with aiming, good for amby headshotting, and for any other class really
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