Team Fortress 2
question about killstreak weapons
so, lets say i have a specialized killstreak huntsman, and a professional killstreak bushwacka with hypno beam,
would i get the hypno beam effect if i got 5 kills with my huntsman, or for example 2 kills with bushwacka and 3 kills with the huntsman. or do i have to get all 5 kills with my bushwacka to get the effect?
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There's only one killstreak counter, so any 5 kills with a killstreak weapon will be enough to get professional eye effects. That said the eye effects only appear when you have that weapon out.
StrawberryPi π. Mar 1, 2014 @ 7:05am 
From what I understand, if you have multiple killstreak weapons equipped your kills will stay consistent between them, but the eye effect will only apply when you have the bushwacka out.
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