[GGG] Lil' extra Feb 16 @ 11:45am
10th class (The Pimpley Butt)
The Pimpley Butt has 3 weapons, Primary: pimple pop(squeezes butt pimples which do 20 dammage on his plus acid bonus(like fire) secondary: Poop laucher(basically poops out ♥♥♥♥ which enemies slip on and it slows the down. Melee( Just a tird which has an effect thatleaves a brown stain on opponents clothes.) Leave suggestions that would balance this class out. I have a feeling that Valve will add this character soon enough.
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Gamingdaemon17 (banned) Feb 16 @ 11:52am 
what the acual ♥♥♥♥?
Luke the Duke of Irish Puke Feb 16 @ 12:31pm 
dante Feb 16 @ 12:42pm 
Comedy gold
[GGG] Lil' extra Feb 17 @ 6:31pm 
Come on why hasn't valve contacted me yet?
time to start a petition on change
LEPrecon *Anti Brony* Feb 18 @ 12:57am 
Why would you
Rumia Feb 18 @ 1:34am 
Originally posted by GGG Lil' extra:
Come on why hasn't valve contacted me yet?
wat? Really?
DemoPan Feb 18 @ 1:38am 
Seems legit
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