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///Skyline 2014年2月13日上午9:58
Sniper Rilfe Range
Hi guys,
I wanna know how can I know if i can shot with my sniper rilfe to any range.
There is a way to know if i can get a shot from a long range?
Thx =]
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Bananaᴴᴰ ๖ۣۜKush 2014年2月13日上午9:59 
DA PLAYMAKER (已封禁) 2014年2月13日上午10:00 
2,224 hours on TF2
ShenanAgain 2014年2月13日上午10:07 
Why are you using it as a long-range weapon? Be a man and get all up in people's faces!
DarkJackob 2014年2月13日上午10:09 
What? i don't know
Hasher 2014年2月13日上午10:10 
///Skyline 2014年2月13日上午10:25 
so what if i got 2224h D:
im not a good sniper =[
///Skyline 2014年2月13日上午10:26 
i mean
if im aiming on a long range target, how acn i know that i will hit and its on my sniper rilfe's range?
Clear Vision 2014年2月13日上午10:35 
As a sniper myself there's no bullet drop or wind in TF2 so don't compensate for distance. If you're just finding it hard to hit long range in general then try downloading a smaller dot if it's getting in the way. Play some online sniper games because they usually require fine and small mouse movements and you can reserve long sweeping movements for TF2.
Pingsingwong 24/7 2014年2月13日上午10:39 
It would be cool if the game told you what your longest headshot is i cant seem to fins that anywhere
Rent a mop - Mumble 2014年2月13日上午10:42 
like all hitscans in this game (and most games) this does have infinite range. It will literally go intil it hits something. I know from playing balloon race before, where you would often snipe the distances equal to the entirely of grainery.

technically all OTHER hitscans have unlimited range too, but with spread, and falloff, they are much, MUCH less effective.
最后由 Rent a mop - Mumble 编辑于; 2014年2月13日上午10:42
Tarious 2014年2月13日上午10:53 
that doggie in your avatar sure is le silly
noahadvs 2014年2月13日上午11:06 
All you need to do is point and click directly at the head.
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