Richard stroker (Banned) Feb 13 @ 5:32am
New demo secondary: spam rifle
Spam Rifle: a rifle which literally uses spam for ammo. Spam will not blow up, not blowing up means the demo can't travel quite as effectively.

high rate of fire, about four times of the sticky launcher
just one really large ammo "clip", no reloading needed
uncharged goo balls have faster velocity than uncharged sticky launchers at close range.
Spam rifle can charge up a big glob of goo which decreases in velocity and range proportional to size of spam ball charge
will splatter and create a big mess that will not be easy to avoid
Minicrits on direct hit
Number spam positioned on the map is limited only by how quickly the demoman can shoot them

Goo won't explode, meaning no explosive jumping and no splash damage
it has to touch people to do any damage.
dissolves in just a few seconds.


30 on anyone walking through it
40 on mini crit
60 on crit

Applications: I can imagine something like this been effective in narrow passages, making it highly unlikely for anyone to brute force their way past a demoman without a medics uber.
Should be good on cp defense too.

A more aggressive use of this weapon can involve the demoman sneaking his way behind the main group of bad guys. Been as bad as it is in direct combat however, the demoman might want to stay out of site while waiting for his team to push people backwards before spamming the ground behind people.
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