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Jarcat 2月7日下午1:03
List stuff you got in the new strongbox
I wanna know whats in them before i open
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Ringoshiiro 2月7日下午1:05 
The Toowoomba Tunic
The Dough Puncher
Gordon Grievous 2月7日下午1:06 
go to the wiki.
» Counter-Life™ « 2月7日下午1:06 
List isn't created yet, you gotta wait.
Jarcat 2月7日下午1:08 
Yeah im just kinda impatient right now and Im considering opening a crate if it's worth it.
Virginia 2月7日下午1:08 
Napolean Complex
Praetor 2月7日下午1:08 
The Warmth Presever
The Ticket Boy
Ground Control
The Toowomba Tunic
Sio-{42}- 2月7日下午1:09 
New Cosmetics
Jarcat 2月7日下午1:10 
Dissapointing but expected
Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ JoshuaKurayami 2月7日下午1:15 
Main menu > Items > Catalog > Pg.74 to 77. that's all the items
Tengu 2月7日下午1:40 
Bullet Buzz
Drekonil 2月7日下午1:51 
the deep cover operator look pretty epic
Ðŕ.Funk 2月7日下午1:51 
What is with the genuine first american? genuine big daddy? and genuine mister bubbles? I want to know why I recieved these, not that I'm complaining but it's was almost like a normal drop. I was in the middle of MVM so I didn't see what it said exactly, but here I am with these genuines and I want to know why.
Kikilicious (已封禁) 2月7日下午1:53 
Main menu > Items > Catalog > Pg.74 to 77. that's all the items

Yeah I just checked, I can verify this. Still no combat boots for Scout though T.T
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