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Team Fortress 2

Ivan 1. Feb. 2014 um 14:02 Uhr
Powerjack Vs Axtinguisher?
My vote; Powerjack FTW. Not just becase it has my name in it.... Power (nah it's jack)
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Powerjack is alright, and the Axtinguisher is overpowered as hell.
Axtinguisher is best used in unison with a degeaser.

Powerjack is... Eh. Personally, I am an engi buddy with my homewrecker.
piruk 1. Feb. 2014 um 14:09 Uhr 
Axtinguisher is overused but not particularly overpowered. Since I'm a pybro, I usually use homewrecker though.
Between the Axtinguisher and Powerjack, I would choose the powerjack in most cases.
Lt. Vixen (Ausgeschlossen) 1. Feb. 2014 um 14:10 Uhr 
Powerjack works pretty good with the phlog from my perspective.
I abuse the Axtinguisher like nobodies business. But I'd say the best one is the powerJack hands down.
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The Smart Patrol (Ausgeschlossen) 1. Feb. 2014 um 14:49 Uhr 
Powerjack- O pyro
Homewrecker- D pyro
becky (Ausgeschlossen) 1. Feb. 2014 um 14:51 Uhr 
powerjack i like running faster then my team to the control point
emugod 1. Feb. 2014 um 15:12 Uhr 
Powerjack and Rake are both great melee for non-degreaser offensive pyros. Powerjack is also good with Degreaser and Shotgun playing as 'special forces scout', but will just never be any kind of replacement for the ridiculous power of the axtinguisher (for serious play).
Jack Christ 9. Apr. 2014 um 4:49 Uhr 
If powerjack- stock, stock, powerjack
If axtinguisher- degreaser, reserve/flare, axtinguisher

that's it in my opinion
1bean234 9. Apr. 2014 um 4:51 Uhr 
Degreaser + Reserve shooter + Homewrecker Pybro master race.
Spades (Ausgeschlossen) 9. Apr. 2014 um 4:51 Uhr 
I use the Gas Jockey's Gear with Detonator (Attendant included) as my main loadout, and man, what a mobility. Also, the 75 hp really helps.
Spades (Ausgeschlossen) 9. Apr. 2014 um 4:52 Uhr 
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If powerjack- stock, stock, powerjack
If axtinguisher- degreaser, reserve/flare, axtinguisher

that's it in my opinion
Dat revive dou
I'm gonna go with Axtinguisher on this one. I'm not really a user of either, being a Homewrecker Pyro.
Sassy 9. Apr. 2014 um 4:57 Uhr 
Powerjack for me. You have no idea how often I deny Dead ringer spies with that thing and get free hp out of it. Oh and I use it for mobility aswell as kill off pyros. y'know, that thing the axtinguisher can't do.
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