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Faceless Male ⑨ (已封禁) 1月30日下午6:43
Any good names for my Genuine Machina?
Yup its one of these again (Even though I haven't done or chose the name or desc of my spycicle yet) and now theres another....

What i'm looking for is a Good name and desc for it,no killstreak-ifying just...nothing bodyshot or headshot or projectile penetration or Strange or Deus Ex related but...
maybe something......Nuclear(Fusion)-ish? if you catch my drift
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Mr.Tickles | APP 1月30日下午6:53 

When fully charged this Bomb-Omb makes a sound of Nuclear dimensions.
K. Appa the Rappa 1月30日下午6:55 
Description: "I paid good money for this gun, and I'm gonna damn well kill you with it as I so please!"
Bananaᴴᴰ ๖ۣۜKush 1月30日下午6:55 
Name: The Penetrator
Desc: If you catch my drift... ;3
♫ BarataBT (Nazrin) ♫ 1月30日下午7:03 
High velocity lead capsules propellor?
J_ͣ_ͬ_ͣ_ͭ_ͤ King HUDs 8) 1月30日下午7:15 
Non-Strange Machina
Metroplexia (Derpzord) 1月30日下午8:15 
The opinion editor.
Stereotypical anime character 1月31日下午2:10 
name: Nucleosis
desc: made from the remains of chernobyl, killing 200 just to make.
desc: make mother chernobyl proud.
Skrub-lord Gentlehamm 1月31日下午2:14 
one bullet
can, do plenty

attention w.hore (without the fullstop)
(cant think of a good desc for this one)

head-ache inducing
shiny coloured line of death
最后由 Skrub-lord Gentlehamm 编辑于; 1月31日下午2:18
aliceif 1月31日下午2:41 
Longsword 202 ERASER

Name it after the gun it's based on.
Subodaí 1月31日下午2:45 
Name: Strange Machina
Desc: I wish I had a strange one :c
Zev The Wolf 1月31日下午2:47 
Rent a mop - Mumble 1月31日下午2:50 
15% more bullet, per bullet.
Faceless Male ⑨ (已封禁) 1月31日下午2:52 
I'm suprised no one got that Nuclear Fusion reference....

oh well
Joe Salad 1月31日下午3:00 
"Shot through the heart!"
"'Cause I can't aim! Baby I give Snipers, a bad name."
Pyrotar 1月31日下午3:11 
The N00b Enrager

If you are going to troll, do it with class.
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