swagerboy12 Jan 30 @ 6:00am
to high ager strictions
i dont understand why its 17 and 15 M i want to play but i cant because my parent say wait till your 15 but i love the game HELP
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puffs Jan 30 @ 6:02am 
Your name, oh gawd.

Tell them that the game contains some violence, but I think that you can turn that off, and that it has no strong-language.
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swagerboy12 Jan 30 @ 6:08am 
dude they search it
swagerboy12 Jan 30 @ 6:09am 
i know :P
it's called pyrovision..
swagerboy12 Jan 30 @ 6:11am 

puffs Jan 30 @ 6:12am 
Originally posted by swagerboy12:
Pyrovision goggles
Satsujin Jiken Jan 30 @ 6:12am 
TF2 is pretty mild compared to what else is on the market and popular among the kids of your age. Others play realistic war simulations with real nations and real weapons whereas TF2 is just about barebones FPS and tactical gameplay in an comical fictional cartoon world.
swagerboy12 Jan 30 @ 6:14am 
Although i hate kids on this game, just use pyroland vision. Look em Up on the wiki.
swagerboy12 Jan 30 @ 6:18am 
lol but i have to earn them
swagerboy12 Jan 30 @ 6:19am 
and what do they do im on wiki but i dont understand
Then just buy one from the market! Mines a level 100
The God of Chins Jan 30 @ 6:24am 
swagerboy, hope you're not a troll but just tell your parents: Yes mom and dad, I'll wait.
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swagerboy12 Jan 30 @ 6:24am 
what does it do!
swagerboy12 Jan 30 @ 6:25am 
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